Looking for new post-punk in the same fashion as Sleater-Kinney, Bloc Party, Les Savy Fav
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Looking for bands/songs that incorporate jagged, angular post-punk riffs in the same fashion as Pretty Girls Make Graves “This is Our Emergency” or Sleater-Kinney’s “Ironclad” or Bloc Party’s “Staying Fat” (Or pretty much their entire self-titled EP)

I'll try and explain this the best I can: I’m craving those sharp guitar riffs where you have multiple guitars and a bass line that sort of stab at each other even though the notes strangely fit together like puzzle pieces in that oh-so-post punky way. Les Savy Fav and Thunderbirds are Now are two other bands that pull this off really well in a lot of their songs.

Pandora just isn’t doing it – it seems to suggest songs that people who like these bands also like, rather than music that actually sounds similar (for instance, the Les Savy Fav station plays Radiohead – WTF?)

Any suggestions?
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Sunny Day Real Estate, The Chameleoins, and Fugazi should fit the bill. Actually, a lot of New Order should.
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I wholeheartedly recommend the Murder City Devils. Start anywhere. Their most famous song in the mainstream is probably "Boom Swagger Boom" which features Andrea Zollo (the lead vocalist from PGMG) and was in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Most of the people I know who like MCD and PGMG (including me) also like Black Cat Music and Panthers, although those bands are a little less sharp-edged and a little more gritty. Still good, just different.
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Sunny Day Real Estate is an excellent suggestion, for sure. "Seven" might be a good starting point, or "Song About An Angel." Unwound sometimes does this too, like "Corpse Pose."
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Polvo are the champions of this discipline. I swear that at least one of them took some baroque counterpoint classes in undergrad. Their shit is so beautifully tangled, especially on Today's Active Lifestyles. Sure Shot is particularly knotty.

Pan Tourismos are a band that only ever released, like, nine tracks, only really available online now through illicit channels. Too bad: They are amazing, and all they do is choppy, intricate riffs, but in slow motion. You can find their demo on Soulseek. Basically if I'm going to do a lame music magazine thing they're like Fugazi vs. Springsteen.
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Thanks voroni, "Seven" is a great suggestion and a perfect example of the type of guitar-play I'm looking for, though I think I really crave something a little punkier and more "raw" and hard hitting if that makes any sense.

Thanks so much everyone, keep 'em coming.
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you are gonna like the Eddy Current Suppression Ring -- lean, mean, spiky, postpunk from down under
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I would highly, highly recommend ¡Forward, Russia! - Twelve [link to a video I mashed with that classic Sesame Street pinball segment]. You just reminded me how much I loved this album back in 2006. Give me a call! Give me a call!
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Drive Like Jehu, who later became Hot Snakes
Circus Lupus
The Jesus Lizard
This stuff is all about a decade old, you can find more of the sameish here:
For newer stuff, maybe start with Young Widows or No Age or Abe Vigoda and go from there?
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The Cribs; I'd start with Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever and work around that. (A great example, I hope, is "Men's Needs" on that record).
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If you want something "punkier" than seven, but in the same vein, try sparta wiretap scars or trail of dead (any album, though so divided and source tags and codes are my 2 favorites right now).
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cursive might also fit the bill.
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Are we talking new or new to you?

When this stuff was really popular in the indie scene, a lot of what was coming out of DeSoto Records fit the bill.. Braid, Burning Airlines/Jawbox, Faraquet, Shiner, Juno, Dismemberment Plan.. What might be described as early "emo" (shudder) also fits in there somewhere: early Promise Ring, Sunny Day Real Estate, Texas is the Reason, Christie Front Drive, Giants Chair, Jimmy Eat World, Jets to Brazil, etc..
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The bands I want to recommend are not new but they are highly influential and/or invented the genre:

Wire Chairs Missing
Television Marquee Moon
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The Futureheads
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Seconding Drive Like Jehu, for sure. Also, maybe some Frodus if you're in the mood for something a little screamier?
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These are pretty old but potentially new to you:

The Bangs are very S-K-ish.
The Reputation (sorry for the terrible sound quality, that was the best I could find on Youtube) and the singer's previous band, Sarge.
Maybe Bedhead's Psychosomatica?
I think a lot of Versus' "Secret Swingers" album has that angular guitar sound, but I can't find a good clip online.

Also seconding the old-school emo band suggestions.
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I would think Interpol really fits the bill. They tend to use quick, sharp strums of the guitar.
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Q and Not U
Hooray for Humans

Intertubes giving me shit, bbl for more
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Ear Ever Hear
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I've never really given Cursive a chance and now I know that their album Domestica is just what I was looking for.

Carsonb, the Q and Not U song you posted fits the bill perfectly as well. Thanks all.
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Q and Not U's No Kill No Beep Beep is pretty amazing the whole way through.

Something that keeps nagging me is Folk Implosion's Dare to be Surprised, and I think it would really work if it the guitars on it were mixed up a lot. It sounds generally really bass-heavy to me, but there are definitely moments throughout where the guitars ring through and do that thing you like. You could probably listen to Insinuation or the first minute of Pole Position and know.
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The classics, for me:
Gang of four - entertainment youtube
Mission of burma - signals, calls, and marches youtube
jesus lizard - liar youtube
table - discography myspace, eww
shotmaker - the complete discography youtube
drive like jehu - yank crime youtube
melt banana - cell-scape youtube
party of helicopters - please believe it youtube
akimbo - jersey shores last.fm
young widows - old skin youtube
dissappearer - the clearing youtube

much of this might not be exactly what you want, but some of it might interest you. Akimbo, for instance, has none of the danceable vibe your original suggestions lean towards, but songs like rogue get to the core of post punk: melodic bass lines locking in with the drums and a kinky guitar line playing off of them. Disappearer have been described as joy division via neurosis, which gives you no idea how they will sound but makes sense when you are actually listening to it. Melt banana pretty far out too, but again, they fit the bill to me. They also cover that danceability vibe that a lot of people like in this genre. You just look like your having a seizure. Some people look hot like that...
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The cursive and Q and not U best answer marks lead me to believe these bands also fit:

Lync * these are not fall colors
Hum * You'd prefer an astronaut
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Old School:

Gang Of Four
Fred Frith

New School:

Franz Ferdinand
Melt Banana
40 Minutes Of Hell
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The Sound
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yeoledfortran, that Party of Helicopters song is exactly what I was looking for as well. Thanks.
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