Kid-friendly all-inclusive resorts and the parents who love them
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Family-friendly all-inclusive resorts in NY/NJ/PA?

We have two daughters, 3.5 years old and 18 months.

We're looking to plan a summer trip, between two and four nights, at an all-inclusive resort that caters to families, within driving distance of central New Jersey.

We looked at Rocking Horse Ranch and Woodloch. Both, particularly the latter, skewed a bit pricier than anticipated. Rocking Horse was about half the price of Woodloch, at $1200. If that's the going rate, then so be it — but we'd need more trusted recommendations that the ranch is fun/clean/our-kids'-ages-friendly than TripAdvisor can provide.

Any advice on these or other similar resorts in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, etc?
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I was forced to go on a trip to Rocking Horse ranch when I was 20 and hated it--but the only other kids there my page were my siblings. All the grownups and little kids seemed to be having a great time. My aunt took my cousins there annually for years and they all loved it. It's definitely clean, friendly, etc, and I remember it having a nice pool and sauna.
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Mohonk Mountain House is the absolute best for both kids and adults (babysitting available). It should fit easily into your price range.
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I went to Skytop as a kid and enjoyed it. May be worth a look.
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Is northern Vermont too far? Because the Tyler Place is wonderful, absolutely wonderful. And expensive. But wonderful. Not at all cheesy, wonderful child care, delicious food, low key, genuinely friendly people.
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