Make Vox work or recommend a new site?
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I need a simple blog interface that ideally I could upload pictures and video to and only allow certain people to comment.

I'm currently using Vox, which I really like, but the privacy settings I have aren't working. Spammers are still able to leave comments even though I have it set to friends and family only. I set up a test site at tumblr, but I hate the interface.

So, I either need to find out how to get my Vox settings to actually work or I need a new site. I just want to be able to upload baby pictures and video for my parents without Viagra spammers driving me out of my mind.
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Flickr guest pass? You can post photos and videos up to 90 seconds each.
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I know with WordPress (and I'm assuming with other blogger software as well) you can set it so that people have to be logged in to comment. The downside of that of course is that everyone you want to have the ability to comment has to have a log in. I know WordPress also has some pretty good comment fighting toys for spam.
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Best answer: Smugmug is fantastic. No ads, no spam, and customizable user access settings. It's also a great deal at around $3/month (you can usually find coupons for a few bucks off if you search online) for unlimited storage.
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I forgot to add that there are Picasa/Aperture/iPhoto/etc. plugins for directly exporting your pictures and video to Smugmug that will make your life easier. It's also about a million times more attractive than Vox.
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Posterous? Despite all their praise for "email-to-post" they also have a new very rich web-based editor as well.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the recommendations! I think I'm going to go wth SmugMug since it seems to meet all of my requirements.
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