Help me set up a facebook fan page that is NOT tied to me.
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How do I create Facebook fan pages that are NOT linked to my personal account?

I've been asked to create and manage fan pages for several local businesses. I would like to manage all of these pages but I would like them to NOT be tied to my personal account. My understanding is that you can create a business account that only manages fan pages but they only let you do that if you don't have a personal account and if they find out then they can (and probably won't) shut you down entirely. I can't risk that.

Is it something that is seen externally to any of my friends or the businesses fans that I am listed (personally) as the administrator? I would like to remain relatively invisible in that way. How do I set this up?
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You can't see who the administrator of a fan page is. Just create them using your personal account - nobody who is viewing the pages will know who made them.

(note that this is different than a group that has named creators and administrators)
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You'll be invisible. I'm not even a fan of the fan pages I administer. When I post to a fan page wall, I appear as the page posting to its own wall.
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You'll be invisible (I'm the administrator for pages for my job). Just don't be the first person to "Like" the page, as that's frequently a way to figure out who created it, if someone's really willing to put the time in.
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You will be invisible, but it's worth noting that once you create a fan page you can never be removed as the administrator. Found this out the hard way.
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You can definitely maintain separate business and personal accounts - I've actually been asked to do so by Facebook in the past, and turned them down (don't want to be fussing with separate logins).
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Response by poster: Awesome! Thanks everyone!
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awesomebrad, Facebook will delete both your accounts if they find out you have more than one. Also, if you create a business account they will do everything in their power to force you to "upgrade" it to a full personal account.
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I'll lead the elephant into the room and quietly mention that no one can tell who the administrators are today. Given Facebook's long track record of making huge changes in privacy without notice, that could change when you least expect it.

('Course that doesn't stop me from running my own fan page.)
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