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Anyone own or have owned a 2008 Volvo C30 or any other model year? I'm curious about pricing discrepancies I'm seeing for the 2008 model as opposed to the 2009.

I really like the styling and overall reviews of the Volvo C30, but it's very odd that on both craigslist and ebay I'm seeing 2008 models for about 5,000 dollars and 2009 models for 19 to 22k. Is there something wrong with the 2008 model year? There's no way a car could devalue that drastically in two years. I thought the first link I looked at was a typo or some shady dealer trying to pull a bait and switch but there were multiple cars across several states with the same low price.
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The 2008 listing is probably a scam. I see this sort of thing regularly in my local Craigslist. Edmunds puts the base value of a 2008 c30 at $17-19K.
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I just did a completed listings search on eBay for 2008 C30s, and there are only two that have sold in the last few weeks: one at 18k, one at 20.1k, which seems in keeping with the age and mileage of those cars. Nothing for $5000.

I could only find one Craigslist listing for the under-$5000 2008 C30 you were referring to which was probably a typo. There are innumerable ones around the $20k range.

Car scams aren't uncommon on Craigslist. Typos and salvage titles aren't uncommon as well. You might want to link to the ads you're seeing, but chances are it's either not real or not a good deal.

That being said, it is possible to buy a perfectly good Volvo for around $5000 off of Craigslist -- I did so last year. But it wasn't just two years old.
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