Wife is pregnant, wants new mattress, doesn't want nasty chemicals from fireproofing, etc.., what are our options in San Francisco?
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Wife is pregnant, wants new mattress, doesn't want nasty chemicals from fireproofing, etc.., what are our options in San Francisco?

My wife is 3 months pregnant and our current mattress is getting too saggy for her back.

We'd like to get a new Queen size mattress but are not super excited about getting the nasty chemical load from the fireproofing in a new mattress. We've seen that you can purchase a fireproofing free mattress with a prescription.

Does anyone have any experience with buying one of these fireproofing free mattresses.
Any suggestions for brands / stores?
Any other suggestions?

We live in San Francisco.
We don't smoke, no candles in the bedroom, etc....

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You could look at Keetsa. Local, nice mattresses, and on most of their mattresses they use wool as the fire barrier, rather than chemicals.
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A Happy Planet Bedding Showroom
4501 Irving Street (at 46th Avenue)

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Depending on your budget, you might take a look at McRoskey, which has been hand-building mattresses in SF since the late 1800s.
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I love McRoskey, but OP should know that their queen mattress is $3500.
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We have a Keetsa and like it a lot. And it comes compressed and rolled up in a tube!
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nthing Keetsa. Very comfortable and eco-friendly. The shipping in a tube is cool too (you open it and it expands into a mattress) plus it meant I could get it upstairs to the bedroom by myself.
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SLEEP NUMBER BED! You'll never go back to a spring mattress. It would be heaven for a pregnant lady. No more trench in the middle, which means no more back pain. We went for the king size middle of the line model three years ago and it's still the BEST BED EVER! Pay the extra money. It's worth it. I'd imagine one sleep number bed = 4-5 spring mattresses over the course of it's life so do the math.
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Nthing Keetsa. They don't use toxic fire-retardants. Their manufacturing process eliminates almost all off-gassing. Best of all, their mattresses are COMFY. I got their most basic model -- because I prefer a firm mattress -- and it's more comfortable than the Sterns and Foster mattress that I paid thousands for a couple years ago. Go Keetsa!
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I love my Kluft mattress - but it definitely wasn't cheap. I waited for a sale weekend at Bloomingdales to minimize the damage.
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Is it bad? Really, really bad? Because if it's not, think about waiting to get a new mattress.

Because after I had a kid, I needed a new mattress. Perhaps she'll be more controlled with milk leakage and similar, but it's seriously horrible to have a sour milk mattress -- and twice as horrible if it's brand new.
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we got our mattress at earthsake in berkeley.
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We also got our mattress at earthsake, but the guy at Naturally Organic in Burlingame seemed to know a lot about fireproof free mattresses.
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