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Is there an online address book that meets my needs?

What I don't want: An app where I have to type in each piece of information separately, like "Last Name", "First Name" "Cell Phone Number" etc.

What I want: Ideally, I would simply copy over the signature information of my email correspondents, so there would be piece of freestyle text for each person. There would be a search function for all words in the database. It would be cool if I could also tag each person with keywords.

And I want to be able to access it online from wherever I am.

Does that kind of thing exist? If not, do you have any advice for me?
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If most of the people you correspond with have this information in your signatures, you could just route your email through gmail and use its search function to find the person/number you need. It supports tagging and full-text searches.
posted by craven_morhead at 11:10 AM on April 30, 2010

I completely agree with craven_morhead - I email things to Gmail account all the time just because I can search for them later. If you're not into using Gmail for that, though, you could look at some generalized note-taking solutions like Evernote.
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Since you're just cutting, pasting, and searching full text, try Google Notebook.
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+1 at an application like Evernote.
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+1 for evernote. It's pretty cool because -
1) It works on blackberry, windows mobile, iphone, ipod as well.
2) you can use it on website or download and install a desktop software.
3) They also have a firefox addon to copy-paste part of webpage including images.
4) They also search within the image, so you save a image with contact info on it, while you search their search engine will search through the text in image too.
I'm using evernote for more than a year. Even though I'm not using evernote specifically for storing contacts, it has helped me a lot to organize all my information.
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Response by poster: Thank you! Evernote seems to work for me, I'll stick with it for now. Pity there's no app for the Tiger OS but it's still pretty cool.
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Simplenote (web and iPhone) + Notational Velocity (Mac OS X app, syncs to simplenote)
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