SFDC Koolaid: overcoming CRM migration and adoption issues
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Looking for your experiences in CRM (SFDC) migration and adoption. Specifically we are at the point where all the data has been moved in from an old system, but it is full of outdated information and there's plenty of foot-dragging in getting with salesforce. What now?!

Specifically, I would like to hear advice, opinions, and even sympathy about

- Data cleansing strategies (deleting old opportunities, unifying duplicate accounts, updating contacts etc.): besides having a half-day ho-down together, or assigning the sales reps to clean the accounts in their responsibility, what other methods have you used to get this done in a timely fashion?
- Keeping data clean, and up to date, over time: What do you do to keep work consistent among users?
- How did your company hook people into SFDC and make it part of the regular workflow? (Or fail to) Right now I see it as a bit tough to get people to be excited about the system when the data is worthless, and to add good information when they are not motivated.

The initial team let's say is 1 business developer and 4 sales reps with up to several hundred entries in each of the critical fields (eg clients, opportunities, contacts). There are around 10 of these groups.

I have read the SFDC threads here, and at their community boards (more technical, developer-oriented). Google searches give lots of Stuff, but mostly very generic. The LinkedIn group is pending but I don't know yet if it is what I am looking for. Yes I know that there are people out there who sell their services in doing this, but that won't happen in this case. There has already been general training in SFDC. This is naturally part of a much larger conversion but I am asking specifically about these issues for this size of team.
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