The Up And Coming Legendary Children
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Who are the rising stars of drag and burlesque (NYC edition)?

I'm responsible for organizing a show at a respectable downtown venue and I'd like to book a couple of drag and/or burlesque acts. I've already reached out to some very established performers, but it's possible they will either be unavailable or unaffordable (the budget is tight).

I would also like to reach out to acts I haven't heard of, up-and-coming individuals who could greatly benefit from the opportunity to wow an audience and who would be more likely to perform either for free (to benefit a good cause) or for a smaller fee than these more established acts.

TL;DR -- I know who most of the major players on the scene are. Who are some of the notable minor players?
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Well, this may be too small fry for your show, but at Suite on 109/Bway I have seen Britney Houston perform in the past. She's got a wind machine (!) and a fantastic sparkly dress. She was great at engaging the crowd and very entertaining.

I can't help you with contact information, but I'm sure someone at Suite would know how to reach her.
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...and by 109/bway I, of course, mean 109/amsterdam.
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Well he's not new, but Joey Arias is back in town after many years in Las Vegas.
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Response by poster: Joey Arias is someone I'd include in the "People there's no way on earth I could afford" category, though I did already reach out to him anyway :)
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Bevin Branlandingham? She's gorgeous, brilliant and saturated with charisma.
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I know Bevin! She is awesome. In that vein, I would also suggest Murray Hill (although he's not exactly obscure or new to the scene) and Glenn Marla.
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I figured. But I love Joey!
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Candy Samples or The Gender Offenders
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Jo Boobs runs the New York School Of Burlesque, drop her a line about her students.
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Maybe Mira Stroika? She does some burlesque stuff.
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