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LongShotFilter: I once was in a music store in Northern California and while waiting for a friend I picked up a mini acoustic guitar which was selling for around $75-150 (I think) in order to pass the time. To my great surprise, I loved the feel and sound of this cheap small guitar, and would have bought it at the time but was broke. Now I need to find it again...

It was not made of wood, but some other strong (fiberglass-esque?) material, and was a dark grey/black with some sort of cowboy stencil/printing on it. There was also another version in another color (more female oriented maybe?) available. However, I never wrote down the brand or make and now regret not buying this incredibly fun, portable guitar while I had the chance. Any chance someone remembers this guitar? I have not found it via the google...
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Was it like this one?
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It probably isn't this, but...was it perhaps a Fluke, specifically the one with the cowboy stuff on it? Small ukulele with a polycarbonite body and fretboard (unless it had the optional rosewood), highly playable.
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It looked alot like the Martin Cowboy one, but I'm relatively sure it wasn't a big brand like Martin or Taylor -- also it was much cheaper than that (it's probably a knockoff of that model).

It was a standard dreadnought shape too, so unfortunately not like the Flukes.
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Also, it didn't come in a real case -- I believe they just came in cardboard boxes or something cheap like that.
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Could it have been one of these? Gretsch claims on their site that they're "real wood," so that doesn't quite fit your description, but everything else matches.
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Do you have any recollection of where the music shop was? Name of the town? Could you start there and ask them?
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YES! sbrollins - well done... it was the "Showdown" version of that line -- apparently it was wood with just a really thick finish. Apparently they're out of stock, but at least I know what I'm looking for...

AskMeFi to the rescue again.
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Here's one for a hundred bucks.
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I knew it was a Gretsch Americana as soon as you described it. I think they're discontinued.

I haven't tried one myself, but I frequent Gretsch forums and the Americanas are widely considered to be surprisingly good for their price. Hope you find one.
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