Web based email parser?
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Free web based email parser/regex based filter?

Are there any web based services which will take an inbound email and reformat it based on a known pattern in the source?

I use applications like tarpipe to take inbound emails to generate REST interactions for APIs, unfortunately that requires some known structure for the incoming email. Is there a service which will take an email, apply a filter and pass on the reformatted email to a destination (also determine by the filter)?

Example application: Take an email received every day to let me know about an future appointment, reformat it into a simple pattern that tarpipe can then insert into a REST application to include in my calendar.
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How about a pipeline that uses an email-to-rss service? At that point, you could use existing tools, like Yahoo Pipes to slice and dice the data

(a little searching for "email to RSS" turns up many services, I can't personally vouch for any of them)
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It's fairly easy with any scripting language to read mail and parse text.

Also, some e-mail clients will allow you to set rules/filters and then run external scripts on those matching messages.
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