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Does anyone know of sheet music for the works of Vassilis Tsabropoulos? (I have done a google search, no luck.) In particular I am looking for a transcription of Trois morceaux après des hymnes byzantins - II off the Chants, Hymns and Dances cd.
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That's a tough one. A couple of things I'd try: the contact link on Tsabropoulos's website; contacting someone at ECM Records; or showing the CD to a librarian and seeing what they can come up with (this will work best if you have access to a big university library).
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Yeah...I can't imagine that anyone has transcribed it for publication. You'd probably have better luck either doing it yourself or hiring someone to do it for you.
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I was able to find a number of the the Gurdjieff tracks from the same cd. I am considering transcribing myself. His pieces are not that complicated and right at the level where it would challenge my ear yet not being some daunting undetaking.

I will also look into the ECM and composer website suggestions.
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