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What's the best software for prepping for college-level hard sciences?

We're looking specifically for software (can be separate for each subject) that is really good to learn General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Microbiology, and Physics. I've seen a lot of reviews on Amazon, but as someone who hasn't taken any of these courses recently, it's hard for me to figure out which ones are best for a young relative who is interested in prepping over the summer to start a very rigorous program at college in the fall.

Any recommendations? It would be great if these were web-based, but they don't have to be.
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A nice free online textbook for orgo. Buy a molecular model kit for chirality/confomrations.

I know of no software package that's any good for doing real orgo problems (especially mechanisms). I've tried several (as an instructor) and all are inferior to doing problems and getting someone knowledgable to look the answers over and show ou where you were wrong.
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Response by poster: Thanks, lalochezia, that looks good.

If anybody else finds anything, please let me know.
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My actual orgo class was taught through a combination of that book and Organic Chemistry as a Second Language
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