Animated Shorts Filter, help with my nostalgia!
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MeFi, help me identify a few animated shorts I rented on tape from Blockbuster about 10 years ago. I think they were compiled from the same festival(s over a few years)

1. A few men balancing on a large flat rectangular surface in the air. The plot revolved around them moving around and creating disbalance, trying to get to an object (I think an ancient turntable) and falling off, one by one.

2. A tale of creatures made of rocks, showed time flowing from their perspective which was just amazing. Sunrise/set were blurred, trees pulsated with seasons, etc. At some point a cityscape grew around them. This one may have come from a different source. I think it was German, and stop motion. I miss it the most.

3. A crazy witch chase. Stop motion with live actors "flying" on brooms (presumably taken with actors jumping in the air for each frame). Fiercely amusing.

As a bonus, *if you've seen one or two the above* and would like to recommend *only one* that you thought fits well, please go ahead and make a juicy thread.

Links to the interwebs would be best.

Thank you and Happy Tuesday!
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The first one, I'm almost 100% certain, is on a Spike & Mike compilation.
posted by Damn That Television at 1:33 PM on April 27, 2010

I'm pretty sure I saw 3 at a Spike and Mike's too.
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Best answer: The rock creature one is most likely Das Rad. Not sure which compilation though, maybe this one?
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The first one is definitely the Lauenstein's short Balance, 1990 Oscar winner.
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#3 is the hilarious "Gisele Kerozene," available for streaming/download on
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Response by poster: Thank you, you found all three! I just watched Das Rad again... love the representation of time.

Now, any recommendations?
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Recommendation: The Cat Came Back
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The Big Snit. Check out the background art.
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Madame Tutli-Putli, deservedly nominated for an Academy Award in 2007.
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Getting Started, the procrastinator's Heart of Darkness.. nowadays he'd be answering questions on AskMetafilter.. :P The NFB site has TONS of awesome stuff, one of my favorites is When The Day Breaks.
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Response by poster: The Big Snit is a long time fav, thanks for posting it here.
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Pardon my French but you might like some of these from the student archives (8 years worth) at Gobelins or at Supinfocon.
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