pray to your parent's god?
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Gandhi quotation question. This is second hand and I cannot specify the second hand. Supposedly the great man said something like pray to your parents' god and any (whatever) god will respect that.

The question was from a skeptical westerner intrigued with eastern practice and they wanted to pray to Krishna, not Yahweh; and Gandhi explained to them with maybe more details than above that you could not go wrong following your parents' faith, whatever it might be, in his view. I have looked for this with google and otherwise and have not been able to find the source. If you can help me I will be grateful!
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I can't find Gandhi saying this specific thing, but it does reflect his views on religious conversions.

You could have heard an agraphon of Gandhi -- not everything he said was written down!
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Gandhiji was not awarded the Nobel peace prize because he refused to be converted.

This line from the link above would make me very skeptical of anything that follows.
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