Boston-area dentist who doesn't insist on x-rays?
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Boston-area dentist who doesn't insist on x-rays?

I'm convinced that dental x-rays are often nothing more than a revenue generation tool for dentists. I'm 35, have healthy teeth and gums, and have never had anything diagnosed via an x-ray that was not also apparent by a gross examination.

I'm not opposed to getting zapped when there's a problem that needs to be looked into further, but the normal routine of bite wings every year or two and a full set of x-rays every five years seems pointless and potentially even a little bit risky to me. Please don't comment on the risk unless you've thoroughly researched this issue.

I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck finding a dentist in the Boston area who doesn't insist on x-rays at regular intervals, when there are no problems. I've gotten my dentist down to bite wings every 2.5 years, but he still insists on a full set of x-rays every five. After he looked at them for about 10 seconds, the last time I had them, I decided that I really need to look for alternatives. Thanks!
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Have you tried simply asking?
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I've objected to x-rays for the past 5 years. The dentist still examines my teeth visually and palpates them. Then he admonishes me for not letting him do his due diligence and has me sign a little form stating that I was advised to get x-rays, but declined.

I've done this with two different dentists, and neither really batted an eyelash.
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My dentist wasn't ready to give up my business over the whole x-ray thing. He tried to strong arm me but I just said no for "personal reasons that I don't care to discuss". He said, "just as long as you understand that I can't be held responsible for any decay between your teeth or blah-de-blah...". That was it. I'd gotten all worked up about it and it amounted to nothing.
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My dentist (J Jireh Dental Clinic in New London CT) uses digital x rays which are supposed to be really really low dose x rays. She has caught a couple of small problems with my teeth that weren't apparent just by looking at the teeth so fixing the problems were much simpler than waiting until I needed a root canal or some other major fix. Here's some info on digital x rays.
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I had a dentist who did not insist on x-rays for two years when I was broke and visually inspected them instead. The next dental visit, I had a mouth full of cavities between my teeth.

Seconding digital x-rays, though. I've had those done since and they're a breeze and supposedly much safer.
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No matter what the question about dentists in Boston is, the answer is always, always Casey Cook at Davis Sq Dental. I swear, this man is a Dental Bodhisattva. I hatehatehate going to the dentist, but this guy is both a really good dentist and really good at putting people at ease.

The reason I'm recommending him in this case is that the years I went to see him, I was a broke grad student without insurance. He always made sure to do things as cheaply as possible while still ensuring quality care. He probably will work with you on the X-ray thing - although to be honest, sometimes you really just do need an x-ray.
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I have to agree with PhoBWan about the cavities. I had the gag reflex from hell that prevented them from being done very well/at all on me for years, and ended up with a root canal. So.... yeah, the 'tude you've got about this is pretty overblown. They're doing it for good reasons. (And this is coming from someone who hates the things too.)
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