Where Can I Find These Boots?
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Help. I know nothing about fashion, and nothing about these boots.

My girlfriend was describing a type of boot she wants for her birthday (boots she can stomp around in... her words). I didn't quite understand what she was talking about, so she sent me this picture.

That didn't really help. I can find dress black boots, doc martens, cowboy boots, but I have no idea what these are called, or who makes them, or where to get them (online or in store).

Any pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
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They look like Frye boots to me.
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Those are engineer boots. I'd be willing to bet serious cash that they're Frye 12Rs in dark brown, but you should check with her. (There's 8R, 12R, and 15R -- the numbers refer to the shaft height.)

I snagged mine on eBay for much less than the list price.
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Yep, look like Frye to me too. I have a pair although I have Men's instead. actually the pic you posted looks like Men's Frye harness boots. I got mine at Nordstroms.
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Search for biker, harness, or engineer boots. But yeah, those particular ones look like Fryes.
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I call them harness boots. Engineer boots are, to me, the ones with the strap over the toe. Carolina makes a great engineer boot but not the harness boots. You can take a look at Google Shopping and get an idea for what the options are. Frye and Harley make really functional ones, but there are others that are more fashionable. Frye seems like what your gf is after.
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Those are Dingo boots.
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Oh yeah, the shafts (leg part) on those is mid-calf height. Shafts are also listed in inches and mid-calf boots usually have a 7-13 inch shaft.
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Here's a similar pair from Durango and one from Dingo.
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I am also putting in my opinion that those are harness boots. Senator, I purchase engineer boots, I wear engineer boots, engineer boots are a friend of mine. Senator, those are no engineer boots.
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Gah, yes, harness. It's even on the page I linked to. Looks like Target is even getting in on the trend -- here's a pair in black, and one in brown.
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Frye 15R harness boots.
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Nthing they are Frye harness boots. And Fryes are so great that I still have a pair from the 1980s. They still look sharp. Buy her some saddle soap and water proofing spray too . . they'll last forever.
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Agree that these are Frye Harness 12R's. I have a pair of them, had to size down 1/2 a size, so you may want to do that as well for her. You can read tons of reviews for them on zappos or piperlime. Occasionally, Amazon sells them for a better price than almost anywhere else.
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Thanks everyone! I feel much better educated on boots now. The Frye Harness 12R looks perfect. She'll eventually be thankful also, she just doesn't know it yet. Thanks again.
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Be aware that there are Frye harness boots and Frye belted harness boots.
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Nothing significant to add here - just wanted to say that I have the Fryes in brown (as in the pic) and love love love them. They last forever and I get many compliments on them, from both women and men.
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I have those exact same boots. Get them, she'll love them!
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