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I have enough credit to fund five people or organisations for a one year standard account at a dedicated photography hosting website.

While integrated with social networking services, it's primarily a photography site. So it could be good for "scholarships" or NGOs that would find it hard to justify a dedicated place for high-quality image hosting. I'm looking for suggestions and ideas of worthwhile ways to give this away. For what it's worth, the same amount of credit could be used for three power users or one pro-level with varying left-over change for standard accounts.

I won this by placing in bi-weekly contests. I don't need it for myself and would like to see it go to good use. Suggestions?
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Once an organization has a year invested in putting up photos on a web site, plus the marketing/word of mouth that goes into publicizing it and even more into learning how the admin interface works, they're going to have a very hard time moving to another site. So, they might be a little trapped into keeping their photos up on the site, and probably needing to pay after the first year.

Would it be possible to parlay the award into a single five-year or three-year hosting term?
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Response by poster: Good point. I think that should be possible.
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