No Flash Web Gallery Template?
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Clean and minimal web photo gallery templates with NO FLASH?

I've managed to kludge together my web site in various forms since the middle 1990's. I currently use a JALbum template set (this one) to handle the image galleries. I like this, but I would really like to get away from Adobe Flash for the next revision of my site.

I need something which I can easily modify myself with my rudimentary skill in html coding.

I have my hosting with GoDaddy and don't need to pull photos from any image sharing sites.
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Check out Gallery and JAlbum.
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The jQuery-based Galleria may fit the bill. You basically add some javascript to your page and put the images in an unordered list. It will even automatically make the thumbnails for you.
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You could try Galleria (it's been updated since that link, but the demos are found from that page.) which is pretty and slick. Galleriffic seems pretty good too.

They both just need you to generate an li of images, which I think most CMSs should be able to do without much bother.

There are others as well - try googling for Javascript Gallery or similar.
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I like Lightbox myself. Pretty easy to use.
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Thumbs Plus can take a set of pictures and create a set of HTML pages as a gallery.
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It's not pretty, but it's really simple and works easily:

Gallery is nice but it's really easy to have it get out of hand.
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I really like zenphoto. It was dead easy to install/configure (I'm not a coder at all) and works quickly, quietly, and reliably. I add photos via ftp, new albums are created automatically.
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seconding zenphoto
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Tumblr can be used to make a stream of images. Here's something I made. Or see Projects.

However, for multiple images within a single post, Tumblr defaults to Flash, I believe.
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Nthing Galleria. I use it for my illustration portfolio, and it's super easy to incorporate it into any CMS or blogging software, too. Just have your templates output your entries as an unordered list of images, and presto. And because all it does it rearrange the images in that list into a neat little gallery, if a visitor visits your site without Javascript, your images are all still there.
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