Where can I buy a shower curtain and liner for an L-shaped rod?
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Where can I buy a shower curtain and liner for an L-shaped rod?

I have a corner bathtub with an L-shaped shower curtain rod. A standard 71-inch-wide shower curtain doesn't cover the whole thing; I need something roughly between 80 and 90 inches wide. I've searched online but there are very few options for curtains and liners in these sizes. Any tips for where to buy?

Thanks in advance.
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You can overlap two curtains by putting the one ring through the holes in both curtains. If you overlap two or more rings' worth they will be practically leak-proof.
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They make extra-wide shower curtains. Here's a extra-wide shower curtain liner. A bit longer than you need, but it'll be fine.
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And here's a nice wide curtain for the outside.
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i use two shower curtains, and overlap them by about two ring's worth.

PRO TIP: overlap them so that the gap between the two curtains faces away from the shower head, so you are less likely to get spatter thru onto the floor next to the tub.
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If you sew at all, or know someone who does, it is really easy to make a shower curtain. Then you can overlap a pair of plastic liners for the inside, and it won't show.
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Thank you for asking what would have probably been my question in about one week when our bathroom remodel is finished!
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Thanks everyone for the answers. Jacqueline, I also found this which has some links to extra-long and extra-wide curtains: http://bedding.lovetoknow.com/Extra_Wide_Shower_Curtains - I'm not wild about them but beggars can't be choosers, I guess :)
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