Just give me a home, in a great circle dome Where stresses and strains are at ease.
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Can anyone identify either the specific dome building in the background of first picture on this page or a similar type.

Is this a common building type in Russia or anywhere else? Pictures or any details would be of interest.

It appears that the centre dome has at least two smaller domes joined to it by covered arms.
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The specific structure looks like a geodesic dome; but I don't know anymore about the image.
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Geodesic domes were a pet idea of Buckminster Fuller, but they never really became very popular.

His fascination with that shape was the reason that the Fullerenes were named after him. (Round fullerenes are known as "Bucky-balls" and the smallest fullerene, C60, is called "Buckminster Fullerene".)
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Are you looking for specific pointers to the manufacturer or model of that dome, or information on prefab geodesic domes in general, or...?
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I was looking for information on that model specifically but the magic phrase prefab geodesic domes in google is returning lots of hits.
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