Where can I get Creative Commons or equivalent recipes?
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Where can I get good quality creative commons cooking recipes that I could incorporate into an iphone app?

I have an idea for an iPhone app but it will require a body of recipes. I think it would cost a ton of money to license them from one of the big recipe sites so looking for content that I might be able to use and provide attribution back to the creators.

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Is it better than epicurious? Their recipes are from Gourmet and Bon Apetit. It's free. Not meant to discourage you. Good luck.
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Why do they have to be licensed as creative commons? Recipes are generally not copyrightable. Check and you'll find the topic has been discussed here a number of times.
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The ingredients of a recipe aren't copyrightable; the text, descriptions, images, etc., are. (link)

Nibbledish advertises itself as "over 2000 creative commons recipes", so maybe that's a good start?
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