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What's a good website/blog/forum for iPhone hacks?

I just got an iPhone. Lovely thing, but I've already got way more technical questions than are easily answerable via Apple's support and following your nose. I'm looking for a community that's creating good articles / FAQs about how to use the iPhone, plus a place to ask questions. I'm running Windows, so that puts me outside the usual Apple fanboy sites.

Some example questions.. Does Google Reader work well in iPhone? What are good webapps that are nice with the iPhone? Do I really have to use Outlook? How do I convert videos to iPod format? Is there some touchscreen equivalent of clicking the Home button? What's that neat trick for typing punctuation quickly?

You get the idea. A good Denton/Calcanis style blog would satisfy my need for daily hacks, and if there were a good forum for the occasional question I'd be all set. I really only want to go to one or two places though, not chase stuff down all over the Internet. Any recommendations, or is it too early? So far iPhone Matters is the best I've found.
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iPhoneAtlas (from the MacFixIt guys)
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Apple Phone Show
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The people behind the iPhone Dev Wiki are steadily unlocking the iPhone.
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The first rule of iPhone Dev Wiki is Don't link to iPhone Dev Wiki. Seriously, they don't want the mass-market traffic and the vandalism that comes with it.

In any case, they've apparently figured out a way to escape the sandboxed filesystem (where "user" info like photos, iTunes music and database, etc live) and access the root. From the IRC channel, it also sounds like they've figured out how to run arbitrary 3rd party binaries. Code for the former is supposed to be released today.

At this point, it is all rather low level. We'll see what happens next.
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BTW, I think the coolest end-user iPhone hack I've seen so far is this javascript bookmarklet that makes the standard AJAX google reader (not the mobile one they redirect you to), more iPhone friendly.

If Apple implemented something like Greasemonkey for mobile safari then they could have a community of 3rd party hackers "porting" other 3rd party apps to be more iPhone friendly.
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The punctuation trick is when you place your finger on the punctuation key (on the lower left of the ABC keyboard), DON'T LIFT YOUR FINGER. Hold it and the punct. keyboard will automatically appear.

Then slide your finger to the desired punctuation key and let go. It will automatically return you to the ABC keyboard.
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