transatlantic candy for cheap
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I want to send a simple 5 lbs. bag of tootsie rolls candy from Florida to Glasgow, Scotland. I want to do this for somewhat less than it costs to buy a small aircraft carrier full of cocaine and diamonds. Help me.
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What have you investigated so far? Do you already have the candy? Which shipping companies have you already priced out so people can help you find a better option?
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Best answer: Wow. I went to the UPS calculator expecting to come up with $15 or something, but they want $150. Cocaine and diamonds indeed.

The next best thing would be the USPS flat rate boxes/envelopes. These are by size, rather than weight, but it you can fit your bag into the flat rate envelope it'd be less than $14 (cheaper if paid online). I've fit a big hoody into one of those envelopes, so I'm guessing you can fit the bag in there. If not, the boxes run about $45 and $55 depending on the size.
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Best answer: USPS has an international flat rate box that hold up to 4 lbs for $13.45

Maybe put your 5 lbs of tootsie rolls in two of these.
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Would this be the individual tootsie rolls or the larger, bar-like form? Does it really need to be that particular bag or would it work to order a bunch from a UK-based importer? For example, American Soda sells bar-type tootsie rolls for £1.37 each. You'd need to buy 33 to get up to 5lbs, which would run you about $70. I don't know if that falls into aircraft carrier territory for you.

Another option is CyberCandy, which sells bars and also Tootsie Roll Banks filled with the bite-size candies. They're £2.99 each and you'd need to buy 16 to get 5lbs worth, I think, which would add up to a similar price as the rolls.

Still, almost certainly cheaper to just mail them via the US Postal Service.
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scratch that. I just noticed that the international envelopes, unlike the domestic ones, have a maximum weight of 4 pounds to get the $14 postage. Looks like via the postal service then, you're looking at about $50, give or take.
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Response by poster: this is a $4 bag of candy, for my purposes anything past $20 is cocaine and diamonds.
so far the flat rate box seems to be the way to go, but I'd love more options.
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Sidenote -- whatever route you go for shipping, be careful what day you put them in the mail. If it's a real hot day, your recipient will just end up with one big melty tootsie roll.
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Send it surface mail -- it'll go by sea (I think). I've done that when sending huge amounts of candy to England before. I was quoted four weeks, but in practice it didn't take anywhere near that long.
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My Endicia postage thingamabober tells me that to send a Medium Flat Rate Priority box (the small one, unfortunately, doesn't have the option for 5 lbs) would cost about $42. I myself sent out a similar package (except I had to use the Large box since I sent over 10 lbs of sweets) to the Edinburgh area for $52 a couple months ago.
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use rancidchickn's advice, but keep a lb of tr for yourself (or for the next package).
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Send it surface mail

USPS completely eliminated international surface mail about two years ago – some variant of air mail is the only option now. Sounds like their flat rate box, while not particularly cheap, is your best alternative.
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