I want windowboxes without water damage
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Is there a way to attach window boxes to a third story condo without creating a vector for water to get under the siding?

I would like a little bit of nature outside my windows but it rains like hell in Juneau. I own my place and could put window boxes out if I want. Ideally, there would be a system that was temporary but, most importantly, the constant rain makes it imperative that the window boxes don't allow water under the siding. This might be a pipe dream.
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I don't think you have to worry too much. After all, the siding itself is usually attached to the house with nails that go right through the siding. If you attach the boxes with lag screws, you can pre-drill and squirt some caulk into the hole before you insert the screw, but that probably isn't really necessary. You should attach the boxes with spacers so that water on the siding can drain down behind the box and so it doesn't form a water dam. The spacers should be thick enough that leaves and debris can fall through so it doesn't prevent drainage.
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It is common practice with decks to offset the framing with PVC (or in high-end applications, copper) spacers that are screwed or bolted to the building facade. JackFlash has the right idea,
if you have beveled siding such as clapboards or shingles the spacers can have one edge cut to to match the bevel of the siding.
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