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Is there an application that exists which allows the user to cut/paste several emails into large text field, hit enter, and then have it open a separate Firefox tab for each email, displaying the Google search results of each?

If not, what would be your advice to accomplish this desired effect w/o searching on each individual email, one at a time?
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Just to be clear -- you want to search Google for the contents of emails sent to you?

If so -- and if your email is web-based -- you can simply select the chunk of text, right click, and hit "Search Google for chunk of text." This will take that selected chunk of text and search Google for it in a separate tab.
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Ahh sorry for the ambiguity....

No, I would like to search on each email address. For example, if I were listed on a mailing list of 25 other people, and all their email addressess are listed in the To: or CC: fields, I would like to be able to copy/paste the email addresses themselves into an app that would individually google search on each email address.

Thanks, sorry for the confusion.
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You can double click to highlight and then right click and select "Search google for..." or something like that, which automatically opens a new tab. Sounds like fewer keystrokes to me.
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using a spreadsheet, you could construct the google queries


and then maybe use this firefox add on to open them?
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If you're contemplating some sort of programmatic solution, you should know that if you execute too many queries too quickly google may IP block you (temporarily).
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Thanks maulik - I will give that a try. Much appreciated for the Google query + add on tip. I will continue to monitor the thread if anyone else has any suggestions.
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