File sharing borked
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Why is file sharing in Mac OS X 10.5.8 suddenly flaking out on me?

I have a Mac Mini running 10.5.8 and a MacBook with the same OS. For over a year I've had file sharing set up on the Mac Mini and have had no troubles accessing the Mini's shared folders from my MacBook. In the past couple of weeks, this has started failing on me. I can't see the shared computer on the MacBook Finder unless I go back to the Mini and turn File Sharing off and back on again in the "Sharing" pane in System Preferences (the only workaround I've found so far).

I've tried rebooting both machines, to no avail. I can always use ssh or VNC to get to the Mini from the MacBook, even when the file sharing is down. I'm not sure what other information might be pertinent.

For the life of me, I can't think of any changes I've made to either computer around the time this started happening. Is this due to a known problem, or is the problem with me? Google fails me. Thanks in advance.
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Is this a wireless connection?
posted by Thorzdad at 4:52 AM on April 22, 2010

Response by poster: Yes, the MacBook is connected wirelessly (the Mini is wired). The connection seems pretty solid.
posted by ocha-no-mizu at 5:21 AM on April 22, 2010

Response by poster: Looks like I spoke too soon. I think Thorzdad has it. I didn't have a chance to try a wired connection until just now. Plugging the MacBook into the router seems to make file sharing work every time, and it stops working when I connect with wireless.

I haven't noticed any other problems with the wireless connection until now. Can anyone suggest how I might fix this? I'm running Tomato firmware (version 1.25.1720) on a Linksys WRT54GL, if that helps.
posted by ocha-no-mizu at 6:12 PM on April 22, 2010

I've had this same problem and wonder whether it's related to dynamic IP addressing in the router. I haven't taken the time to investigate further but you might ask in Apple Discussions in the Networking section.
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