Category of symphonic music in 'Mirrorball'
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What category of symphonic music is used in Peter Gabriel's cover of the song 'Mirrorball' off his new album 'Scratch My Back'?

The music is soaring and beautiful, and I would love to find other symphonic music like this, but I'm not sure what I would even call this. Anyone have suggestions on what this category is? Or, alternatively, any recommendations on other songs / composers to look into?
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20th century minimalism is what I would call scratchy string lines that appear off an on. Think Philip Glass and John Adams.

"Soaring and beautiful" is a really broad concept, but 19th century romanticism often fits that bill. Symphonies or other symphonic works from Beethoven through Tchaikovsky up to Mahler as a start. Not to say that Mozart and earlier or Stravinsky and later didn't have that, but if I hear a symphonic snippet that comes off as sweeping and emotional, I think 19th century.

Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet for example.
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