Arabic Bookseller in DC?
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Do you know of any booksellers in the Washington, DC area that sell Arabic books? I'm looking for shops that sell fairly current novels and nonfiction written in the Arabic language. Also, it would be nice if it was accessible by public transport. Thanks.
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Best answer: There's Al-Hikma Bookstore in Falls Church. It is a decent distance off the Orange line, but maybe doable if you picked up a Zipcar nearby.
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Response by poster: Hm, that one looks promising. Thanks! If I downgrade my request to one that sells any kind of Arabic books (not necessarily current novels), is there one that's in the district and close to a bus stop or metro?
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Best answer: there's this shop on 18th St run by the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, - I haven't been in nor am I familiar with the organization, I don't know if they have anything in Arabic, but maybe give them a call..

What about trying university bookstores, specifically Georgetown - just look in the section of books for current courses, likely there are some Arabic language - the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown teaches it, I believe.
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To second citron's thoughts, I know Arabic is taught at GW, and the university bookstore (21st & H, I think?) is right off the Foggy Bottom metro (Orange/Blue). They may not have the best stock, given the timing of the year, but that's really central.
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Response by poster: I just checked, and there is a Metrobus stop pretty close to the Al-Hikma bookstore! If pressed for time, I'll check out the college bookstores instead. Thanks so much.
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