Best movie studio tour?
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Help me find an awsome movie studio tour in LA. I live here, but yet have never managed to tour a movie studio. Are some tours better than others?
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Find someone who is connected to one of the studios in some way. Having that coveted pass into the workings of a studio is a great experience. But... you need to know some networking... If you live in LA, you MUST know someone in the business..
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I enjoyed the Warner Bros. tour a lot. It was expensive, but they drove you all around the back lot in a tram and showed you sets from some shows. We didn't actually see anything being filmed when I was there because it was hiatus time (don't go in April). But apparently if you go when shows are being filmed you might see stars or at least something being filmed.

We saw a bunch of sets from Gilmore Girls when I went, but apparently you can see different sets depending on when you go and what your group is interested in. The guide gave us a choice of sets and our group wanted Gilmore Girls. I was more interested in how the sets work then in which ones we saw. The guide was very good too. We also saw some of the prop and technical areas and the Warner Brothers fire department. Plus I think they had some sort of Harry Potter prop exhibit, which I wasn't that interested in.

I have pictures on Flickr if you are interested.
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I'll second the Warner Bros. tour. It was $45 per person when I went, but they catered to what our group was interested in seeing and I really enjoyed it.
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Paramount tours are $35/person.

I once begged a guy I briefly dated to take me on a tour of Paramount after he told me he worked there. I don't even remember what his job was, but this was right out of college, so he couldn't have been too important over there. We went all around the studio lots and walked right onto several sets and sound stages. If you're with someone who has an ID and walk around with an "I belong here" air of confidence, you can pretty much see anything unless the tape is rolling.
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The Universal tour is not very good. The tram takes a hoard of people through some lots and you can see the Munster's house (which might be used for Desperate Housewives now), the Leave it to Beaver house, the Jaws pond, and some other stuff. As of about 8 years ago, it's free with a Universal Studios theme park ticket.
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Yes the Warner Brothers "VIP" tour is so awesome!!! I got to see the set of Friends!

Universal is kinda fun, but it's definitely cheezy and fakey. But it's a nice compliment to a day at the theme park.
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Try Raleigh Studios on Melrose. They're a smaller, more intimate studio, usually indie filmmakers are on the lot.
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Thanks all!
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