Help me find a sunhat that doesn't look silly
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Hatfilter: Where can I find a fashionable wide-brimmed sunhat for a young woman who has a medical condition that requires her to keep out of the sun?

Looking for a wide-brimmed sunhat that won't look silly, but will provide maximum sun protection (no baseball caps, etc.). Something pretty, fashionable, and/or cute would be appreciated.
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I got this hat at Target last summer for a trip to Mexico. It's not totally sunproof, though; the weave is sort of loose. It's very fashionable, but depending on her sensitivity, might not be appropriate.

I also have a hat very similar to this one (that link is to Target also, but I got mine at the Whole Earth Co. in Austin). I've worn the braided hat to football games and picnics and the like, and it's very effective. The style is similar to the floppier one above. I think either would be fashionable. To dress up the braided hat a bit, you could tie a floral ribbon or scarf around the brim.
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Helen Kaminski makes fetching hats.
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Seconding Helen Kaminski. They also fit big fat heads like mine.
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I think the ones with really exaggerated brims are chic.
Here are some I think would look pretty:
Tan and black
Black textured
Tan felt (good for not letting any little light bits in)
Red cotton (looks like it would be a good weight for summer)
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I got this one (originally from a different website, but have also bought from the Village Hat Shop and have no complaints) last year and really like it. The Physician's Endorsed line seems to be pretty good for this sort of thing.
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For anyone with one of the photodermatoses, Solumbra is a good catalog for sun-proof clothing. It's more geared towards women's clothing (unfortunately for me), but should do well for your friend. Lots of nice coverups and whatnot.
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I like hats in the summer as too much squinting gives me a migraine. A bucket hat might do for less bright days; otherwise a straw hat can look chic and scarves can be tied round the crown to vary the look. (Your question reminded me that I need to get one when I go to a festival this summer).
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I have a nice Stetson straw/seagrass hat that looks reasonably casual. One thing you might do is look for hats that, like this one, are woven on the outside but have some fabric on the underside to provide extra shade and protection. The fabric on mine is only in the front, but it doesn't show at all because it's khaki and blends with the straw. Or you could contrast it for another look. It's super easy to do on your own; I repaired mine with rubber cement.
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I would look for something crushable. I recommend you can find a wide brimmed cotton hat, with an inside drawstring if you can find it. If I can't fit it in my purse, I will loose it. I buy my hats at hat stores and boutiques, sorry I can't make a specific suggestion.

Also, I have given up on not looking silly: A hat is mandatory for me to enjoy being outside in the summer, even my hair cut is hat friendly.
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Hat Attack makes some nice sunhats that are available in certain stores. They also have a catalog I guess. I got one at Lord & Taylor last year, which isn't listed on their store locator, so I don't know if that was a typical experience. I really like it - it's comfortable, and good for walking around in the city. I prefer it to wearing sunglasses.
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Tilly Endurables make a great hat.
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could she possibly pull off a straw cowboy hat? these can sometimes counteract the old-lady-ish vibe of most sunhats. actually, just going to a western-wear store (of which there are plenty, even up here in new england) might turn up many possible hats
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