It's an eyeball party!
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Front page: Eyeball party ideas for a very special veterinary ophthalmologist.

A good friend of mine is having a very important birthday in about a month. He is also a veterinary ophthalmologist . After a previous themed birthday party went over extremely well, we had a stroke of genius and stumbled upon a theme of eyeballs.

Here are a few that we've thought of so far:

Tiny plastic eyeballs frozen in ice for use in beverages.
A good friend makes cakes: He has assured me that he can make one in the shape of an eyeball.
Eyeball cookies?
Obviously: Eyeball glasses.
I'm also thinking about eye diseases, as he does work with these. Possibly pink eye?
I also ran across some eyeball themed food.

We are not limited to eyeballs. He is not only an ophthalmologist, but also a veterinarian . So I'm sure the animal aspect can play into the theme also. (We were thinking an eye chart with the letters spelling out things like "BARK" and "WOOF" etc.).

As you all have been extremely creative and helpful with party ideas in the past, I know there is a gold mine just waiting to be explored here. Anything come to mind?
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It would have to be a big party to justify buying so much nasty white chocolate, but I've thought about doing eyeball truffles for Halloween.
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Oops. Please disregard the minor typo in my title. This post has nothing to do with Frontpage. :)
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tinned lychees make good party eyeballs, maybe a glace cherry for the pupil?
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How bout a play on words...cookies cut in the shape of the letter "I" with pink icing?
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Play music by The Residents.
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Just as inspiration, Denise Delaney hosts an annual "Eye Ball" for Halloween. She was a guest on Martha Stewart's show in Oct 2009. Lots of ideas in this clip! Plus, she's just super creepy and neat - I love the way she talks, and the interaction with Martha is just great.
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