Help me plan the perfect hookah christening!
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What are some awesome food/drink combos to go with some new shisha flavors?

A friend ordered a new hookah along with a bunch of shisha that should be arriving soon. To christen the new pipe and have a nice relaxing evening we'd like to pair the smoking with some good snack/wine/alcohol choices. So naturally I thought I'd go to AskMeFi for some good ideas.

The flavors of shisha we have coming are:
- Orange
- Turkish coffee
- "Absolute Zero"
- "Tigers Blood"
- Tangerine rush
- Lemonade

As far as the food and beverages go, we're open to any kind of alcohol or non-alcoholic beverage (although he's not huge on coffee, but I am). No seafood recommendations, please. We're definitely talking something closer to finger foods than an involved meal. I'm also virtually useless in the kitchen but am willing to give a recipe or two a shot if it sounds delicious enough.

So have at it, hivemind! I eagerly await your recommendations. Thanks in advance.
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I don't like to eat and smoke, but lemonade might be good with a light white wine or beer.
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I'd go for dried fruit, fresh fruit, olives, sparkling water or wine spritzers, mint tea, and if you can make turkish coffee, well that's a no-brainer.
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Hummus is easy and cheap -- you can make it in the blender in 5 minutes, no cooking required. You can usually find tahini (the only uncommon ingredient) in the ethnic-foods aisle at the supermarket.

It might be fun to get some kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, green chile, etc. to throw in to make different flavored hummuses (hummi?). That way, you've got several flavors to experiment with. Serve with warm pita bread.
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I wouldn't go anymore complex on the foods then type AV mentioned. You won't wana mix up the smoke-flavor with the food flavor and too sticky-complex-gooey food can ..uh..leave residue on the pipe.

Mint Tea is course, traditional.
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Think simple.

Also, too much sweets + ultra-sweet Turkish smoking may equal stomach upset. Take it easy on the rich food, the first time.
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I see that you have chosen some good Social Smoke flavors, we will have them in stock also very soon! (we are located in Holland if you are intrested in our shop).

I recommend to eat juicy things like fruits. Also drink fruit juice or a nice cup of thea.
Matching flavors also is a good thing to do, so coffee with a cup of coffee, lemonade with a nice cold lemonade etc.

If you take a diner with it or lots of alcohol you will get headache!

Its better to smoke after eating!

Good luck and have a happy smoke!

Sherrief Hefny

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