What should I do in Barbados?
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What should I do in Barbados?

I'm visiting Holetown, Barbados for a meeting and will have Thursday and Friday afternoons off, as well as all day Saturday. I don't want to do anything like swimming or boogie boarding that is likely to get my head soaked. I've looked through the previous questions although I didn't find too much. Here's what I did find:
  • Harrison Caves
  • Mount Gay distillery
  • Crane Beach
  • Supposedly there is some hiking around here but I'm not sure where.
  • Visiting Bridgetown
Any other suggestions or ideas on which of the previous to prefer?
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We when were there a few years ago the tour of Mount Gay distillery was great - especially the part where they let us sample all the rums (one right after the other, down the hatch quick, because the next sample was ready to be poured). They also served a great lunch.

We went on a sub tour after some snorkeling fell through through. It was cool, if a little low impact and you were elbow to elbow with everyone else in the sub.

We mostly just spent tons of time at the beaches, which were incredible. There are fresh coconuts growing and if you happen to be on a hotel's beach then you might just get an employee offering you some slices from one they've just pulled down.

We happened to have stayed at the Crane Resort, so we had unlimited access to their beaches and pools.
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The Mount Gay Distillery tour is the worst I've ever been on. You watch a video that is mostly promotional, then smell some rum and see the industrial bottling section. Skip it and just buy yourself some a nice bottle.

The flower plantations in the middle of the island seemed really interesting, although I only drove by. In general, the interior of the island is much more authentic, so that's where you should head if you're looking to interact with locals on their terms.

We also visited Bathsheba beach which is apparently a good place to go surfing, or learn to surf. It's not the nicest for sunbathing under palm trees with turquoise water, that's all on the southern side.

Have fun.
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Seconding Crane Beach as being worthwhile. The sand is fine like baby powder and so beautiful. The water was pretty wild and rough surf when I was there, but the most amazing shade of blue/turquoise. Lunch up at the Crane resort was pretty tasty too.
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I ended up seeing Harrison Caves, Crane Beach, the beach at Bathsheba, and Bridgetown. I've seen a lot of great caves (Carlsbad, Caverns of Sonora, and others), and I thought Harrison was pretty mediocre, and expensive. My traveling companions had never been in a cave though, and thought it was incredible.

What was incredible was Crane Beach. Bathsheba was worth a visit too. I can't really say I got a lot out of the trip to Bridgetown. The parts we visited were pretty dirty and didn't have much appealing to see.
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