Where did the blood come from?
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My boyfriend, who is a healthy 33 year old with no STD's had blood during and after his ejaculation last night.

He felt it could have been from a rough bump against my (there is no way to put this delicately) my teeth. While this is possible I did some looking on line and it seems that this happens to other men (without injury). Have any of you men experienced blood in your ejaculate? The thing that is disturbing to me is that blood clots can occur and can be painful to urinate. How common is this? Anyone have it happen and find a way to keep it from reoccurring?
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It's happened to me in the past, but I made sure to see a Doctor pretty quickly.

It could be happening to your boyfriend for any number of reasons, several of which could be a sign of something serious. Get him to a Doctor. If it turns out to be nothing, that's good. If it turns out to be something, he can start getting it treated. Either way, it's not something to ignore, because it could be a symptom of a problem that won't just go away.
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Oh my stars and garters...I'm not even in possession of a penis and this makes me cringe and quail.

Please get your boyfriend to a doctor. IANAD, but I would never, ever consider a bleeding penis a natural occurrence. If this were from a cut on the outside that you could see and knew were it came from, that might be different, but potential internal injury to the manly bits absolutely screams "See a professional!"
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IANAD- a kidney stone?
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If he was passing a kidney stone, he would likely know it.....

I agree, have him see a doctor, I suspect this doesn't have anything to do with your activities... IANAD, but I am a guy..
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As the owner of a penis and the veteran of several kidney stones, there's absolutely no way one would sneak up on you like this. You'd be in the ER for pain well before you saw any blood.
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your boyfriend needs to get in line for a prostate exam. blood in semen could be hematospermia. your teeth would leave marks and cause cuts but that would be visible and superficial.
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This is just nature's way of scaring the living shit out of you.
I had this happen in urine--I just noticed the off-color pee and got some on toilet paper and it was really obvious. At the doctor next day--no blood in urine. Urologist later concurs.
My doctor's theory (it's just a guess, but he's the MD) was that it was a very small kidney stone that scratched and bled, but was not large enough to be noticeable. It could even be true.
The best thing about false alarms--they're lots better than true alarms.
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"If he was passing a kidney stone, he would likely know it....."

Not necessarily, at least not from pain, though there may be other signs (like strength of stream) that might not be that noticeable until it gets very bad. The pain doesn't really start until the stone gets far down the urethra, and bladder infections can start long before that.

And another vote for get to a doctor soon. If it is a stone, it is doing more than just causing blood and pain (the bladder is suppose to be emptied sometimes and it isn't being.)
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This could easily be a non-threatening issue with his prostrate. The membrane is similar to the lining of your nose, in that it can have the same "bloody nose" reaction – just because.

Still, go to a doctor soon as possible, but there are perfectly non-life threatening reasons this happened.

Oh, and I'm not a doctor.
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This sometimes happens when men get a urinary tract infection. Not all urologic issues have to do with STDs necessarily!
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i've said it here before, and i'll say it again:

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I was about to post what swbarrett did but he beat me to it. There are certain things that are automatic doctor visits, and that is definitely one of them.
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This can be real scary and a doctor trip is necessary but he should not start writing his will or saying goodbye to his good's yet. I had this and it was a infection in the prostate, the doc gave me a bunch of antibiotics and it went away. Expect a bunch of diagnostic stuff including having the balls given a ultra-sound exam (painless) pee in the cup and a digital prostate exam but he will feel much better when it is done. The worst part was the worrying before I could see the doctor.
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It happened to me twice a few years ago. I was freaked, naturally. The next time I was at the doctor's office I asked her about it. She told me not to worry, it's completely normal and happens to plenty of men. I think she chalked it up to a burst blood vessel or something.

Tell him to go to the doctor just to be safe, but I wouldn't be worried.
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This happened to my ex once several years ago. He went to a doctor the next day and was told that he was perfectly healhty and just should be "less vigorous" in lovemaking. Then we figured out that it had a bit to do with a certain position that bent his penis internally a bit. Adjusted that position and if never happened again.

But he should go to the doctor nevertheless to rule out anything medical.
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Blood in his urine was the first symptom my uncle got for the bladder cancer that nearly killed him. Nthing doctor ASAP.
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