I love you to dear, but my high score is still there!
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Best online game recommendations for females and males over the age of 35? There is a huge selection of games, but most aren't that good. What games do you recommend that both can compete and enjoy? Free and online is good, free and downloadable for travelling is awesome!

Recently Mrs. Funmonkey and i have enjoyed a bit of competitive Zumas Revenge, taking the game on holiday and working through all the levels. It passes the time and is fun, but we are now finished and ready for a new time passer.

We are not big card players but would check something along those lines if recommended. Otherwise, all in.

Thanks for the help!
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If you like Zuma's Revenge, and you have a sense of humor, you might love Peggle.
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Peggle is fun, good call so_gracefully.

Plants V. Zombies is also good.

Civilization IV is strategic crack. It's a few years old but still excellent.

Planet MULE is also fun, and free - discussed here previously.
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Puzzle Pirates! You don't really set high scores but you are scored about how well you play the puzzle and you're also scored against all the other players on the server.
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really, you should just pop around popcap's site and see if anything catches your eye. they're not free, but they're cheap and super fun.

for free and online - if you're sitting around with your sweetie and want a little collaborative puzzle gaming - any of the GROW games
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I keep meaning to try out Tiger Woods Online. If you like golf, or golf games, give it a shot. Though I hear the adultery minigame is deceptively challenging. That's a joke.
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