Looking to purchase or lease sound equpment for theatre
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Attention sound peoples: I work for a non-profit that runs a historic theatre that's getting set to re-open. We're looking to lease or purchase sound equipment, as the primary use for the facility will be live music [MI].

We've gotten a couple of proposals, but we don't really know how to figure out the best value for the room. Are there mefites who are well-versed in the arcana of PA equipment? That might know if, and to what extent, we're getting ripped off? That might be willing to glance at a proposal?
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www.carvin.com Call their 800 number.
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Hat, I'd consider shopping around if you want new equipment. The other option is to hit pawnshops and look for the same brands of equipment. PA gear is generally pretty rugged. Some of this depends on what you're looking to do, how extensive you want to be.

Alternatively, hit your favorite local small-live-music-venue, approach the sound guy, and offer to buy him beer/weed for sage advice.
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Response by poster: further clarification: we're not total novices about gear, but we've been given a couple PA proposals and would like outside expertise.

we're not approaching any of the obvious people we might to consult about this because they have conflicts of interest (work for one of the companies that gave us a proposal, etc.) so we're just trying to see what kind of deal we're being offered.
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Advice on this would require a lot more info than you're giving here - do you want to know if the equipment being proposed would work in the room? work for your specific needs? if the prices are fair?

Maybe you could post some details on the space (size, surface materials, etc), and an edited copy (with no incriminating details) of the proposals & prices on your webspace somewhere so we could check it out?
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I would suggest hiring an independent audio designer/engineer as a consultant....one who does not work for a company that sells PA gear. Look at their resume to see how many similar spaces they have designed, and if they have done designs in your area, go to those for some performances to listen for yourself. Even if you just have this person look over what you already have, it is this level of expertise that will give you the most accurate opinion on which option to choose, and certainly they should be able to help you shop and price out gear to make sure you are getting a good deal.
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