The Pill or not the Pill
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Do I have to tell my Dr that I want to come off the pill even sooner? Is there a reason why I should finish out the next month?

Backstory: I'm on birth control pills (Seasonique) to control painful cycles that we believe are caused by Endometriosis. I've yet to have the surgery so its not confirmed but many other things have been ruled out.

I had an appointment yesterday and she said its up to me. I can have surgery first or I can try for a baby and if there is a problem we can do surgery then. There is nothing that makes her think I need to wait to try or be rushed in for surgery.

I mentioned that I wasn't sure I wanted to try right now (I was originally thinking fall) so we both agreed that I would finish out the 36 pills that I have left including the down week, give her a call then go from there to figure out what to do for my June cycle.

Now I am thinking that instead of waiting out the 36, I could take the down week pills, start charting now and give my body time to adjust and get it together before trying to get pregnant in June. I thought this would be smarter. She seems to think that I could get off the pill then go right into it for the June cycle and avoid pain.

Can I decide this on my own?

After stopping the pills, I'm looking into supplements that I can't take while on the pill supposedly and also getting into acupuncture and charting as mentioned. I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem calling her, but can I decide this on my own?

Is there any precautions that I would need to take coming off the pill? I got more pain meds yesterday so I should be fine with the pain.

Does either plan sound like enough time to be successful for a June try? Her's coming right off the pill or mine with an extra month. I'm not thinking that June will be the month it works but I would figure with charting and supplements for an extra month, I should be in good shape to at least try.

Is there any reasons why it would be smarter to finish out the month?

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Now I am thinking that instead of waiting out the 36, I could take the down week pills, start charting now and give my body time to adjust and get it together before trying to get pregnant in June

I'm a little confused. Are you prepared for the possibility, however slight, of getting pregnant before June? Because if you're going off the pill and not using protection, it could happen.
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I should have mentioned that I wont at all be trying before June. I am prepared but I am doing an IUI so it probably wont happen beforehand.
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Can you call/email your doctor and ask? I can always get in touch with my doctor for questions (for free) when I want to... including my gyno. Is there a down side in attempting to talk to your doctor before you do this?
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I've heard anecdotal* evidence that, if you had irregular periods or periods of anovulation before going on the pill, you are more likely to ovulate immediately after going off the pill and then not ovulate for a while while your body gets back into the swing of things. So, it may be that your doctor thinks you may be more likely to successfully conceive right after going off the pill than a month or two after going off the pill.

I mean, if this were just a matter of going off the pill, you don't need her permission. But if she's working with you to control the pain of the endo and to maximize your chances of conceiving quickly, then I'd talk to her about it. I guess I'm with brainmouse -- is there a reason you don't want to talk to her about it first?

*and anecdotal means just that -- I don't know of any scientific studies that back this up. IANAD.
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I asked her yesterday if waiting to come off the pill would be better in my case (and also about waiting in general) and she only mentioned that to avoid pain, she would suggest waiting till the last minute to come off. I have daily pain not just pain with my period. No other reason but to avoid extra pain. I also wasn't sure yesterday if I was going to do anything this soon which is another reason why we were fine with me staying on it.
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I should have included that because there was no mention of a specific medical reason to stay on it, I figured just coming off on my own would be fine. Also, the pill that I'm on does not do away with all daily pain either, just to throw that in there.
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Yeah, I'd be careful...I got pregnant with my son when I started a new pack one day late.
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Going off the pill will give your endometriosis free rein to do whatever damage it might do, which might include damaging your fertility. I think there's good reason for you to stay on oral contraception right up until the last month before you are ready to try to conceive.

I had endometriosis for years, and it was only the oral contraception that kept me from having to have another surgery. It's very likely that the oral contraception is what preserved my fertility until I was ready for a baby (eighteen years ago). The damage that endometriosis does can be pretty bad for fertility.
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