What is this big circle in Beijing?
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What is this big circle in Beijing? A Hadron Collider?

What is this big circle in Beijing? Looks like a Hadron Collider but it may just be a way to turn around a metro train. Any locals know what it is? Link to googlemap.
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If you zoom out a bit and put maps on, you can that it is rail, and that on the left side is the china academy of railway sciences. I would guess it is a test railway track for them.
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Yeah, looks like it is this . The china railway museum is also right next door.
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Thanks all
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scodger has it. If you read Chinese and want a bit of a chuckle, you can read this blog post explaining how the peculiarities of the fengshui the track circle creates are responsible for the high rate of accidents at the nearby Huantieqiao (环铁桥 - 'Circular Track Bridge') on the city's Fifth Ring Road.
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If you zoom in you can see overpasses where the track goes over the road And it looks like it links up with the nearby railroad tracks Here
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Incidentally, there is a synchrotron in Beijing (not a hadron collider -- as far as I know the only operational ones are the Tevatron at Fermilab, the RHIC at Brookhaven, and of course the LHC), but I believe it's underground and not visible from above.
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