Please, no more JK Wedding Dance hits
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I'm trying to recall which music video featured a heavily edited faux 80's wedding with the bride dancing by herself and a balding, gloomy groom.

The video was shot in a faked out betamax style, the bride had big 80s hair, and the majority of the video is the bride entering and dancing by herself in a banquet hall with lots of loops and cuts. The video has some guests commenting on how nice the wedding is. I think the song is around 2-3 years old.
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Best answer: I think you're talking about TV on the Radio - I Was a Lover.
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as a note, the video voronoi linked was not heavily edited, that is real footage found by the everything is terrible dudes, AFAIK.
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Weird! I just saw that video last night and was coming in to say that.
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Response by poster: Thanks voronoi! That's it. From this interview with TV on the Radio:
I really like a lot of (fan-made videos). Someone made a video for “I Was A Lover”, they took old wedding footage and cut it to that, and it really worked in a way that none of us thought.
The "everything is terrible" guys admit to making it here. Thanks for the backstory as well - the Sherry and Mark wedding footage was so over-the-top I was sure the video had been staged.
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