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Looking for a good place to have a private party in and around the Ewing, Washington Crossing, New Hope area in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for 60-70 people.

I'm trying to put together hors d'ouevres and drinks for some folks in a couple of months in this area. Trying to keep the cost somewhat reasonable, but I understand that things get expensive. Anything you could give me to help would be great.

If you can't think of any place like that, is there any place outdoors in the area where you could rent some picnic space AND bring beer? All the parks I've looked at around there don't allow alcohol.

Thanks for your help.
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Years ago I worked for a summer on the New Hope-Ivyland railroad right there in New Hope. We used to work big private parties on the train- they were actually really cool. You brought our own food and booze, as I recall.

It's been years and I don't know the current state of their operation, but it could be worth looking into.
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No state park in either state allows alcohol. National parks may -- I know Sandy Hook, on the NJ coast, does -- but your best bet is probably private property, maybe a campgrounds.
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There are a few really nice wineries in that area that have nice indoor and outdoor spaces for private parties. They might limit your drinking to their wine. Check out the NJ Wine page, they have a map that shows the wineries geographically.
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Grounds for Sculpture might be what you're looking for.

It's a pretty stunning sculpture garden. They have several 'banquet hall' type areas as well as a restaurant. I've definitely been there just checking out the park and seen people strolling around with glasses in hand.

It's a pretty nice place. I don't know what the costs are like, though.
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A friend of mine had a nice wedding reception for about that number in a little hotel/B&B style place right over the bridge in New Hope, but I can't come up with the name. http://www.themansioninn.com perhaps?
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