I just want to read small interesting things
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I'm looking for good mobile websites that are mainly text and update often, with individual content brief enough that I can finish reading by the time the bus comes. Despite what it might imply, texts from last night perfectly encapsulates what I want. I just want more of it. And maybe for it to be informative on top of entertaining. Just something internet-y that I can browse for 3-5 minutes at a time.
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http://www.notalwaysright.com - updated every couple of days.
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Overheard in NY is pretty much the progenitor of that sort of thing, isn't it? I know there's a ton of "overheard" spinoff sites that provide similar content.
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i don't know how they are as a mobile website because i read them through google reader on my phone
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Shit my dad says?

Or maybe that's just a Twitter feed. Not sure.
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I sometimes use Best of Craigslist for this purpose. It loads so fast, and is usually good for a couple of chuckles. Nothing groundbreaking, but it passes the time while I am waiting in line or something.
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I use Google Reader to aggregate stuff. The mobile reader page for the iphone formats things nicely, and loads very fast. When you click on each item it marks it as read, and there is a constant stream of new interesting stuff. It is a great way to read stuff for just a minute at a time.
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the godfather of texts from lasts night - bash.org
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It Made My Day should be perfect for you. I read it through my reader, and it's always just text, and very short. Bonus is that all of the content is positive!
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have you heard of metafilter.com...from what i hear, it's pretty good ;)
digg has a bunch of different categories that might be good (haven't tried it mobile, but i really like digg science)
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Best answer: Futility Closet is pretty great, offering bite-sized stories and trivia in a spare, mobile-friendly interface. It updates three times per day.
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i didn't know i wanted to ask this question until i saw the answers. i heart metafilter.
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Google News is a perfect time-killer for me. Text based, and updates often.
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Best answer: Learn from my fail

It made my day

F my life

My life is average

You suck at Craigslist is mostly text, occasionally pics, too.
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Response by poster: These are great! The problem with wonderful sites like Metafilter (and to a less wonderful extent Digg) is that while they are mainly text, they are also mainly links to non- mainly text sites. So it ends up being a big unsatisfying tease.
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