Gooeys and Spikeys
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Can someone identify the article in which the writer outlines the differences between analytic and continental philosophy using the metaphor of 'gooey' (continental) and 'spikey/sharpies' (analytic)?
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Best answer: I don't know the specific article, but that's exactly how Alan Watts always described it.
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It's quoted here, but I'm not seeing a citation to the source:
"I have sometimes thought that all philosophical disputes could be reduced to an argument between the partisans of "prickles" and the partisans of "goo." ...
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Best answer: Alan Watts was the name that jumped to mind for me, too. Here's an animated video of the "prickles & goo" talk.

At first I typed "pickles & goo", which sounds like tsukemono + natto. Oog.
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