How to find specific companies by industry in a foreign country.
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How can I narrow down a search for a specific company in a foreign country (in this case Brazil).

I'm looking for market research companies that do work in Brazil, specifically digital and social market research, insight and trend reporting.

I'm having difficulty finding companies within Brazil, and that's one branch of my research.

Should someone know of companies in Brazil that'd be great, but I also need to be able to replicate this search into other countries in the future.

Anyone able to help, it'd be appreciated!

PS: I've done a lot of legwork on this already, I've explored the NIRE but it's limited by state, and I've explored a Google search of [ search phrase ] to narrow to brazilian domains.

Thanks everyone.
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From a google perspective, rather than limiting to .br domains, you should instead use and tick the "páginas do Brasil" box. Limiting your searches to sites will miss companies that went with the more global ".com" domain.
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Response by poster: That's very helpful birdherder! Thank you.
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You can translate your search terms (using an online translator or asking the kind people on MeFi) into the languages of the countries where you are searching. Then use the search term in the "local" google. It's not perfect, but it should target your search a little more.

Here are the search results for "pesquisa de mercado" in

Good luck!
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Another option --- do your search. Click "show options" in the toolbar right below the search box on the results page.

Now click on "Nearby" under "All results". Under Nearby it will now show a link that says "Custom Location". In there, type in Brazil and click that Search button. You should now see Web > Nearby > Brazil in the toolbar under the search box.

This will filter all results to some extent, and the "Local Business" section will also believe you are in Brazil.
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