What is the dialogue in Superwolf's song, "Blood Embrace?"
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On the Bonnie Prince Billy and Matt Sweeney album Superwolf the song Blood Embrace features a sample of dialogue from...something. Could be a movie, tv show, play...anything. Anyone know what this dialogue is from?
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I'd post a link to the song, but we all know that illegal downloading is inappropriate for all ages.
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Maybe a quote then?
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The parts I caught were "Charlie I've been with another man… I didn't know when you were coming back… or if you ever would" [which will get you the one site in another language that I've found]. I'll see if I can get a fair-use-ish sample of just the dialogue part of the song.
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Quote...yes, that would have been a good idea. Sorry, I'm terrible at this metafilter thing. Here's a transcription I've found:

"Woman: Charlie, I've uh. I've been with another man. Aren't you gonna say anything? You're just gonna sit there? Oh Charlie, I didn't know when you were coming back or if you ever would. I tell you, the men around here don't respect anything; If I told you all the guys that called me up. and then Cliff. He didn't make a pass at me, I mean he didn't even do it at all, Charlie. I knew what he wanted, but he never did anything about it. And then it seemed like the two of us just had to.

Charlie: I don't think I'm up for any more of this. Why don't you go to bed? I'll work this all out.

Woman: What are you gonna do?

Charlie: I'm just gonna sit here."
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It's familiar: Boorman's Point Blank, maybe?
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Just checked the VHS. Nope, not it.

Can you tell I'm having a boring Friday night?
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I've got an audio clip of it [aiff 6 MB, m4a 2.2 MB, right click to save that second one] not like it adds much more than Doug already included in the transcription. It's a great song.
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Is there a way of querying IMDB for movies matching character names of both "Cliff" and "Charlie"?
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No, you can't do that on IMDB. You can search for a single character. I tried Charlie (Charley) and Cliff. With no luck. The only lead I had was The Guatemalan Handshake which seems like it will be an interesting film.

Isn't the movie sample credited in the liner notes?
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this has been making me crazy too. i was so excited to see the post and so disappointed that no one has solved the mystery yet!

the liner notes do not credit anything, which makes me think that perhaps it is not actually a film but something made to seem like a film...
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This might be a long, looong stretch...but...

On the Bonnie Prince Billy (official?) site, there's a wish list. On that list is a request for several Nicholas Ray movies on VHS or DVD.

There is a character named Charlie in a Nicholas Ray film called "In a Lonely Place." No one listed named Cliff though.
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AllMusic's credits shows this:

Sue - Voices, Guest Appearance.

No last name was given.
But then again they also credit Paul Bowles for the liner notes. Pretty tough to write liner notes for an album when you've been dead for 5 years. Apparently Pete Townshend was on drums as well.
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This piece of dialogue is from the film Rolling Thunder

I just checked my VHS copy for confirmation.
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Thank you, njm. You're amazing.
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Also thanks to everyone else who looked into this. I forgot to thank you guys in my initial excitement, but I really do appreciate it.
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You're welcome Doug. Now I'm curious to hear "Blood Embrace."
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I'm curious njm... did you hear the dialogue and immediately know? Is it a film you've seen many times?
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