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Is there such thing as an online/phone-only study tutor?

What I'm looking for is a person or service that will interact with me via email or IM or phone and help me keep track of my assignments, motivate me, crack the whip if needed, and basically do whatever it takes to help me stay on top of my schoolwork. Is there such a thing?
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I am sure you could copy and paste this question, put it on craigslist, and find yourself a whole lot of volunteers willing to do this for you for very little. How dependable they'd be would be another question entirely, especially if you needed a subject matter expert of some kind.
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A personal coach would be perfect for this kind of thing. There's lots out there and some can be pricey but I'm sure you could find one that fits your needs and budget. MeFimail me if you want a reference. Good luck!
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Some of the virtual assistants in India will probably do this. Check out:
Your Man In India

Probably cost like $20 a week.
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