Saturday night in Santiago
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What to do for a single night in Santiago, Chile?

I have a *very* short stopover in Santiago de Chile, arriving early afternoon Saturday 17 April and leaving early the next morning.

1. Can you recommend a good place to stay that's relatively convenient for the airport, and also to places to eat and maybe catch some live music?

2. What's a good place to go and hear some live music, preferably something local, maybe folksy, but I'm not averse to something like, say, a Deep Purple covers band playing a pub if that's what's available?
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stay somewhere (im no help there...)

just make sure you eat ceviche. i HIGHLY recommend:

La Mar‎
found at:
Avenida Nueva Costanera 3922, Santiago, Chile

as for the folksy stuff i've got news for you, you gotta go pretty far to find it. everything i saw while i was there was either dancey or extremely alt rock... all good though. there is a lot to do in costanera though so you shouldn't have trouble finding some live music.

but seriously get the ceviche.
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There isn't really anything around the airport, except for the attached holiday inn. Better to go into downtown to find a hotel. I can't recommend anything specific though. The Crowne Plaza Hotel is really nice, but I don't think I would ever stay there if I had to pay for it myself (Thanks LAN Chile!).
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