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[SF Trivia Filter]: Does anyone know anything about (or have you ever seen) the cheerleading man who can sometimes be found outside an apartment building on the NW-ish side of Market, up where it's about to turn into Portola? When I used to live up near Tower Market, I would see him once a week or so, standing on the sidewalk wearing headphones and doing cheers. I only know one other person who's ever seen him and I'm just curious what his story is (if there even is one. He may just be happy to be alive!)
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There's a guy who's been doing the same thing for years in San Maros, TX. I found out he works for an apartment locating company. That's their entire ad campaign. You know the dancing guy with the iPod? That's us.

Maybe that's this guy's story.
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I know that guy! I live not too far away (between the Height and the Castro essentially) and often take Portola and Clayton to get to/from that side of the city. I've seen him out there before, usually in the afternoons if memory serves me right, wearing rather inappropriate shorts and doing his cheers. I've seen him running running/jumping in place too as part of that. Never stopped to chat, so I don't know his story, but you're definitely not imagining him.

spikeleemajortomdickandharryconnickjrmints: I've never heard anything related to this guy and a marketing campaign, so I doubt that's what's happening here. If he's selling something, they are doing a very bad job of it.
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I know exactly who you're talking about -- a Twin Peaks fixture. He has been doing that for over ten years, I'd say. I would typically see him on the curve just before Market/Portola hits Burnett, but years ago he would stop and do his routine down by the Romaine pedestrian bridge. I don't know his story. He always looked too damn happy exercising for me to get out of my car and ask him what the hell. My bet is he'll outlive us all.
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Oh jeez, I remember seeing him, and I haven't lived in SF since 1992. I vaguely recall I read about him in an article, but I might have read it online after I emigrated, I don't quite remember. I looked around but I couldn't find anything online. Now you've got me curious too.
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Don't know his story, but oh yeah, I remember him. 1999-2002ish. I'd be surprised if this thread doesn't overflow with sightings -- he was certainly a regular sight for me. Sigh, now I miss SF. I couldn't help but smile when I saw that guy.
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This isn't the guy who says "HAP-py HAP-py HAP-py," is it? (I knew that guy from the Berkeley campus but then saw him in SF once or twice and began to wonder how much he gets around.)
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We had a rollerblading/dancing cowboy in Columbia, MO...he'd pass you by and say, "Right on!" Most of the time he spent on one particular street corner, but sometimes you'd see him skate through town.

I think he was just happy to be alive.
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I used to see him all the time, when I lived in the area! I don't know anything about him, I always thought he was just creatively exercising, but now that you say cheering, I see it! I don't live close anymore so I haven't seen him for a while.
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