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Looking for a good source for wholesale picture frames.

I'm trying to frame about 50 of my best photographs for a series of gallery shows and to sell to friends. I've looked at and Earlier a local shop charged me $500 for 10 pictures with just glass clips. I can't afford that going forward. What other vendors have MeFites used?
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What size frames?
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Response by poster: 14 X 20"
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Is Ikea an option? Not the fanciest but not bad either. The Ribba frame seems to be close to what you want and only $15.
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framatic makes really nice pre-made frames which are sold online by several companies, but i don't believe they have 14 x 20" pre-made frames. you are more likely to find 16 x 20" pre-made frames (or 18 x 24"), and then you'll need to use pre-cut mats or just have the mats custom cut.

you can also get in touch with a local custom wholesale framer who can probably get you a pretty good deal on doing a large order of identical prints like that. (these are the places that do things like frame all of the art for hotels, so better equipped to handle larger orders than most retail framing shops.)

(disclaimer: the art supplies store i co-own sells frames from framatic and does custom wholesale framing, but only locally in los angeles.)
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