Census Foods!
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I'm going to a Census 2010 party and I don't know what to bring!

My fiancee and I are going to a Census 2010 party and want to bring a food and/or drink that is at least vaguely appropriate. So far the only thing we can think of is wine from 2000, the last census year

Surely the Hive Mind can help us come up with something better, right? No idea is too crazy or too flimsily related to the party's theme.
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Square foods, that you can then put x's or checkmarks inside of or on top of!
Rice krispy squares with drizzled checks on top. Brownies with icing. Wheat thins with various toppings. Freeze ice cubes into x's or checkmarks and use square tumbler glasses for your various beverages. If possible, said glasses should be census blue.
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This year's census pretty much only asks how many people live at your address, so maybe a gingerbread house whose roof lifts off to reveal dozens of Peeps crammed inside. Not that anybody would actually want to eat this, but you said crazy was OK.
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Tea bags
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it's about numbers, so take cupcakes or something with hundreds and thousands on them. (Brit/Aust term).
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Wings and nuts.
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Chex mix.
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Carnitas. Delicious and apropos.
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Ten of whatever you bring as I've heard there are only 10 questions.
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That depends. How many people do they expect will be there?

Maybe bring something relating to guns and butter? Gun shaped butter cookies?
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Maybe you and your fiancée can dress as a Count and Countess. Take gifts to the other partygoers in great numbers.
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Great ideas so far - keep them coming!
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Fortune Cookies?
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A laminated map of your state with dry erase markers so everyone can practice gerrymandering. Bonus points if the map has last year's election results by county on it.
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